Friday, November 7, 2008

New Position for Joe Lieberman

Washington was abuzz today over the planned sit-down between wayward Democrat Joe Lieberman and Senate leader Harry Reid. Lieberman is widely expected to lose his committee chairmanship for having supported John McCain and for having attacked Obama at the Republican convention. But what New Jobs could be offered in return to Joe Lieberman? Leading possibilities:
  1. Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan
  2. Trainer for the new White House puppy
  3. In charge of selling Sarah Palin’s clothes on eBay
  4. “Joe the Plumber’s” media advisor
  5. Pre-marital counselor to Bristol Plain and Levi Johnston
  6. Monitor receding of Antarctic ice sheet at Vostok Station

1 comment:

BurrDeming said...

Very good. Thank you.

The anger against Joe Lieberman goes back to 2006. He was not the only Senator who continued to support a forever occupation.

But even then he was unique as a Democrat in going out of his way to taunt those whose support he demanded.