Monday, February 20, 2012

Gingrich Vows to Stay In Until the End

Atlanta, GA -- Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, slipping badly in the polls, vowed to stay in the race until the Republican Convention in Tampa. "People have been saying I am finished, but just like a sexually transmitted disease I always have a found a way to come back, " said the former Congressman. "Look, this great country was founded by fat, old white men with an inflated sense of their own importance," he went on. Asked about the fact that twice as many people have an unfavorable view of him as have a favorable view, he was unfazed. "Look, Warren Harding was criticized for being an adulterer and being corrupt. But he managed to get elected in a landslide and sow the seeds for the Great Depression before dying in office. "

Monday, February 13, 2012

Santorum Plans New Voter Registration Drive

Washington, D.C. -- Sen. Rick Santorum, riding a new wave of popularity in GOP polls, today announced plans to register a new crop of young voters who he thinks may be a powerful force of support. Citing the unanimous view of the Republican Presidential contenders that life begins at conception, Santorum announced that he was launching a drive to register hundreds of frozen embryos currently stored in infertility clinic freezers. "Look," he noted, "in-vitro fetilization took off in the 1980's. Hundreds if not thousands of these American-conceived embryos are now at least 18 years old and deserve the full rights conferred by American citizenship." The senator dismissed arguments that the embryos were not sentient beings and had no knowledge upon which to cast a ballot. "Those criteria are irrelevant. They would easily eliminate much of the American electorate." Asked why he felt the embryos were a natural constituency for his campaign, Santorum elaborated, "I am clearly the most pro-life candidate. And if you are looking for a platform that would resonate with people frozen in the past, it is pretty clear I am your guy." In a related announcement, Karl Rove announced plans to organize a Super Pac for fetilized eggs called "Americans Ready to Divide".

Friday, February 3, 2012

Would A Pre-emptive Strike Keep Nuclear Weapons From Control By a Madman?

Washington, DC -- Administration officials are reportedly internally warring over the case for pre-emptive actions to prevent an imminent nuclear threat. According to recent intelligence, there is a small but real chance that within less than a year a large nuclear arsenal could fall into the hands of an unstable, megalomaniacal leader supported by religious fanatics. Critics of pre-emptive action however argue that a strike will only empower this leader in his fight against more moderate opponents. "Look," said one, "he employs his threats and bluster very shrewdly. His support is exceedingly weak and confined to a very narrow segment of the party who is threatened by progress and openness. Most of the country can't stand him. An attack will only confirm the paranoid fantasies of his supporters, and prevent him by being ousted over his failed policies." Others think the risk of the doomsday scenario is overblown. "Trust me," said a high-ranking official with a deep knowledge of the background facts, "there is 0% chance that Newt Gingrich will ever be President."