Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wife of Tiger Woods Rescues Young Woman

Los Angeles --- Elin Nordegren, the wife of champion golfer Tiger Woods, was reported by her publicist to have helped rescue a young woman from near asphyxiation late Tuesday night. Police in Los Angeles reported that they had been called to the home of Jaimee Grubbs , a cocktail waitress whose long-running affair with Mr. Woods was reported in US Weekly. Police records noted that officers encountered a bruised and dazed Ms. Grubbs, suffering injuries to her face and scalp, and an agitated Ms. Nordegren. According to a statement posted on the TigerWoods.com website, the incident occurred when Ms. Nordegren, stopping at the home of Ms. Grubbs to pay a social call, thought she smelled a gas leak. "Thinking quickly, " the statement notes, "she retrieved a baseball bat from her car, broke down the front door, smashed a plate glass window to provide ventilation and then pulled the barely conscious Ms. Grubbs by her hair to safety.” The statement continued, “Ms. Nordegren had to arouse the young woman by scratching her deeply on the face and neck before summoning the police by setting fire to Ms. Grubbs BMW.” This marks the second time in a week that Ms. Nordegren exhibited quick thinking to come to the aid of others. Over the weekend she used a golf club to break both rear windows of her husband’s SUV in what her spokesman described as a daring attempt to pull her husband from the front seat of his car after he dented it in an early morning accident outside his Florida estate. Ms. Grubbs appeared awed by the selfless heroics of her rescuer. She was overheard telling the police “Keep her away from me. That bitch is CRAZY.” Spokesman for CalGas reported they are continuing to search for a possible source for a gas leak.

In a related story, Tiger Woods announced that he was withdrawing from the California golf tournament scheduled to benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation. “I truly regret not being able to participate, but I am headed to Kandahar to personally join in the surge of troops being ordered to Afghanistan by President Obama.” According to friends, Mr. Woods felt he needed some peace and quiet after the events of the past week.