Saturday, November 1, 2008

New McCain Ad Offers Stark Reasons for Candidacy

John McCain's new ad offers American's a stark reason to support his candidacy in the closing days of his campaign.  Borrowing from his closing remarks from the last debate, the Republican candidate solemly notes, "My friends, what I do know is how to keep up hope in difficult situations," a reference to his years of harsh treatment as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. "Let's face it, this country is going down the toilet.  If you think this is bad, you haven't seen anything yet. At least now you still have jobs, my friends, some of you. We'll all be working in some Chinese sweatshop in 5 years, and the country will be a shit-hole.  And I am the only candidate who literally knows how to survive years in a shit hole.  My opponent doesn't, " referring to Democratic nominee Barack Obama. "He hasn't endured anything worse than being on food stamps for a while. Only I know how to survive eating bugs and rats, which in a few years will seem like a feast to many of you the way things are going." 

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