Sunday, June 6, 2010

Things I Noticed When Living Without a Blackberry

Last week I lost my Blackberry, forcing me back into the dark ages of when one had to find other things to do when walking, sitting or standing for more than 30 seconds. Among the new revelations of this contemplative period:

1. (At home) - Where are all these shoes in our living room coming from? OMG - Eli's home from college. I wonder when that happened?
2. (On Metro) - This trend of visible tattoos on women is not going to turn out well
3. (At work) - The person running this meeting looks vaguely familiar. Oh right - it's my boss.
4. (Looking at ads on Metro) -- It is so obvious that only the Boeing KC-X tanker meets all the needs of a next generation refueling tanker. Only someone who hates America would support a tanker without a centerline drogue refueling system.
5. (At breakfast) - I think that looks like Garrett behind all that hair (jealousy aside, he could use a haircut). And when did Laura get into such great shape? I better get more regular with my gym schedule (Frankly, I think Tipper lost respect for Al when his weight started ballooning).
6.(At movies) - The pre-preview ads are sure running a lot longer these days. But I sure am glad to know what FX has planned for their fall lineup.
7. (Walking to work) -- Hey, that's where that music I kept hearing has been coming from. It's birds singing! How crazy is that?
8. (Monday at work) - Did anyone really think those emails were so important they had to sent Saturday evening at 11 pm?