Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Awards Surprise Public

Stockholm -- In a stunning announcement, the Nobel Prize Committee today awarded the 2009 Nobel Prizes for Literature, Chemistry and Medicine to Barack Obama. This followed the surprising award Friday of the Nobel Peace Prize to the young American President, which provoked criticism that his accomplishments to date didn't justify the honor. In awarding the Literature Prize, the committee noted "his impressive body of work exploring the timeless and worldwide themes of what it is like to be Barack Obama.” The award for Medicine recognized “his tireless commitment over more than 6 months (including a very busy vacation and trips to Denmark) to extend the right of health care to more Americans without alienating the insurance industries, pharmaceutical companies, or hospital associations, and while trying hard to win the broad bipartisan support of Olympia Snowe." The award for chemistry was perhaps the most surprising, as there is no record that Obama ever studied chemistry in high school or in college. The award however, praised him for “advancing chemistry by not being George W. Bush”. In other developments, the North Koreans expressed their displeasure at the failure of leader Kim Jung Il to get the prize, for the tenth year running, by launching long range missile tests into the Straits of Taiwan and posting offers of enriched uranium on Ebay.

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