Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter Launches Service for Seniors

The founders of the popular service Twitter have launched a new application aimed solely at seniors. Named Geezer, the service will allow older men and women to trade 140-character messages to stay in close touch with their family and people in their age group. "This is a great way for people to link to with others who share their world view, including those who know that Benny Goodman wasn't that banker indicted for mortgage securities fraud," said Geezer CEO Todd Franz. To show the many ways seniors are using this service, he let me look at a sample feed of exchanged messages (note: the user names have been altered to protect privacy):

Brklyn43 just felt that twinge again. The one in my arm when I raise it like this. I should take maybe some Advil but then I need to eat something and my stomach is not so good

JohnMPeters is looking for my glasses. I know I had them when I got up but they aren't in the bathroom or by my reading table. Maybe the kitchen. I was reading the paper

JoanOsborn saw a great movie last night with that young actress who is the daughter of that actress -- you know the one who was in that movie 5 years ago with that Woody Allen woman

MaryGreen'31 is STILL waiting for my kids to call. You would think that the odds that at least one out of 5 children would remember to call their mother on


MaryGreen'31 thinks they should not count spaces among the 140 characters. And is STILL WAITING for one of my kids to call.

ArtyinPhilly would like to order a pastrami sandwich. Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?

JoanOsborn remembers it was Goldie Hawn with the Woody Allen lady - not Mia Farrow, the earlier one -- anyway her daughter Kate Something was very funny in the movie last night

PalmSprings222 wants those damn kids to get off his lawn like I told them to yesterday.

JohnMPeters found his glasses and remembered I needed them to find my car keys. I always put them by the door but they are not there. Maybe on my dresser.

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mairzidote said...

Mairzidote in Geezerbin read the blog and smirked. Sounds just like home.